TopSpec TopPoop

After explaining that Bodie has had 'the shits' for quite some time, Laura Cooper from TopSpec delicately explained that sometimes 'scouring' can occur when the horse can not properly digest the feed given and it can effectively travel straight through without being absorbed correctly. As quickly as I am piling the feed in, the quicker it's coming out the other end.

I was only too delighted to share the news of a solid poop yesterday evening, we are just over a week into the TopSpec eating regime and finally things are firming up!

That's right, this is literally a picture of poop.

Bodie enjoying her TopSpec slop including TopSpec Comprehensive Balancer and TopSpec Cool Conditioning Cubes, it's a relief to see that her digestive system has slowed down and fingers crossed she is actually absorbing some of the nutrients now.

We have on the other hand, lost a little bit of flank weight now, it's all about finding what is going to suit her and her exercise needs. I will keep you updated!