The stable set up (Oct 2020)

I spend so long trying to think of the most ideal set up for my stable, what bedding to use (and I have tried A LOT!) where to put the bed, where to put the hayreplacer, where to put her feeds, where to put a water bowl - I overthink everything!


If they have created it, I have tried it. Straw, shavings, cardboard, paper and wood pellets. Bodie is so wet with the additional water added to her feeds to make it into a slop, well that water needs to go somewhere and unfortunately it ends up all over the stable. I end up with urine squelches when I walk in, in the morning and I'm hit by the smell of ammonia, my eyes feel like they are on fire! Currently we are using wood pellets. I love wood pellets because I can arrive, skip out and go to work without smelling like I have rolled in the muck heap. So far they seem to be keeping up with how wet Bodie is. The only downsides to them are that I don't feel like Bodie has the softest looking bed in the world, but I'm still not convinced she lies down (unless she has a narcoleptic episode). I have just topped the bed today with a bale of shavings. Another downside is that when we walk out in the morning, it resembles something from Hansel and Gretel as there is a trail of wood pellet-type sand travelling from her stable door to wherever we have ended up!


Bodie is too posh to drink out of her automatic, (easy) water trough, no, instead I have to fill her water bucket up and strategically place it in the stable. It needs to be strategic, because if it's too close to her 'hard' feed she dribbles it into her water, once the water is 'dirty' she refuses to touch it. A horse whisperer once told me, she doesn't like dirty water bowls. SHE MAKES THEM DIRTY! She shit in her own feed bowl yesterday, no logic.


Currently we are happy with our feed and Bodie is looking well for it. She is eating two hard feeds a day consisting of TopSpec CoolConditioning Cubes, alongside TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support and TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer - all served in the same consistency as really weak porridge - made with water.

TopSpec recommended two scoops of TopSpecFibrePlus as a hay replacer, which we are using it, but Bodie eats it like a bucket feed. By the time I have swept up her Hansel and Gretel trail she has vacuumed it up. I then leave Dengie Performance Fibre in her Haycube. I have lined the Haycube with haylage as previously I have found that condensation attacks it and again, once it's a tiny bit damp, Bodie turns her nose up at it.

I'm always keen to try new things, new products, new ideas and new set ups to make our life a bit easier. In other exciting news bought an Arlo Go yesterday which is arriving tomorrow, I will finally know the truth, whether she actually lies down to sleep!!!