Steroid Follow Up

What a week, two visits to Onley Equestrian Vets with the ever helpful DMA. Bodie went for her 4 week check up on the steroids, unfortunately on Tuesday she wasn't sound on a circle despite looking relatively good on the hard with a trot up.

After some debating I decided to take her back to the vet on Friday and have this investigated further. It turns out the pain is from the foot, so management required, looking at bar shoes at the front and a bit of bute to help her out and possibly another coffin joint injection. I'm ok with that, she is older than the sun and if a bit of careful management is required so we can still have a brilliant time together, then so be it.

It's my birthday on Monday (19th October) so I treated myself to some new stirrups from Fair Price Equestrian, there was a moment where I thought they would never see a jump with Bodie, but I'm feeling much more relief following the vet visit today. We are aiming for 27th December to go to the LandS event at Onley Grounds.