Spring has Sprung!

It's Tuesday, it's half-term, it's up to 20 degrees today and the horses are out in their summer paddocks! I get so excited when they move paddocks, warmer days are coming, everyone is in a better mood, we all get that well missed serotonin hit, our horses are a bit more chilled out and staying at the yard until 8pm chatting to the other liveries, whilst the summer sun warms our bones is something that I love.

We went out for a hack today, but not our usual hack, DMA collected us and if I'm honest I didn't really know where I was going. I jumped in the new lorry and said 'Oh, I've only ever actually met Kerry once in real life when she came to clean Bodie's nudey bits for 30 minutes' to which David gave me that all too familiar expression of both eye rolling and confusion.

My neighbour recently rushed out of her house as I was leaving to head out and handed me a safety alarm, she said that she was concerned I was walking Biggie on my own and wanted me to keep safe. I now make a conscious effort before I leave the house to consider, do I need to take the safety alarm? Despite only meeting Kerry once in person, she is one of those people where you definitely DON'T need to take the safety alarm, now if that isn't a compliment I don't know what is?

We tacked up and pootled around, both horses were really well behaved and super chilled, the sun was on our backs, the roads were quiet, the company was excellent and it was so nice to go out, meet the main man Mav and have a natter. What a brilliant way to celebrate the first day of summer paddocks!