She will never say no. - 23rd October 2021

"Who loose jumps a 30 year old horse?"

But here she is having the best time!

With the help from Verity and Denise chasing her into the funnel and off she goes springing over the jumps. We did this in an attempt to maybe bring back a bit of my very crushed confidence.

Bodie went down the grid a few times, perfectly. There was one time that she came in at a trot, misjudged the fence, barged into it and then went vertical in the air to try and clear the next fence coming up. It was difficult for me to watch. I kept replaying it in my head and saying, she mucked up, she mucked up. It took me a few days to turn what I thought was a negative into a rational thought. Bodie was in the middle of a grid and even though she had mucked the first one up, she gave her all into climbing the fence after that.

It has taught me that Bodie will never say no, she will do whatever she can to get over the next fence and so when I'm sitting on her, it will be no different, without a rider, she still wants to jump every fence. With a rider, she will be more encouraged to to jump. I just need to give her the support.