Riding Motivation

It's been a bit of a busy few weeks, back to 'physical' full time work after a period of lockdown, weather changes to deal with, the stresses and strains of every day life, getting back into some kind of routine, allocating time to do more than just 'getting through the day' and this is where my motivation starts to slide.

Bodie has had a slow, progressive build up of work since she had her steroid injections, a week off completely, a week in walk, a week in trot and a week in canter, ready to start jumping next week. However, it just didn't pan out that way, during our trot week I only managed to slip in two rides in the week. I actually felt like I had really let my horse down, so I took a step back and repeated a week, next week we'll be into canter/jump work.

The last time I jumped, I fell off, at an event I paid £85 for, in front of my friends and family. So to say I am a little anxious is probably an understatement. I have a very large photo of Bodie pinging around a LandS event at Dallas Burston up on my kitchen wall. I guess a little part of me is worried about jumping not only for my own sake, but also for hers, will she still be able to jump? What is she going to feel like? Will she still want to jump? I always think this is a scary time because I just don't know until I point her at a jump.

But I guess this week is as good as any to put on my brave pants, build up the faster work and to start thinking about jumping her again. Wish us luck!