"Ride The Horse You Have Got" - Maverick Equine Services

Gave Bodie some (more!) TLC today with an udder clean and a bit of a spruce up of the business end! I wasn't sure what to expect really. I brushed her tail, I figured if it was anything like a smear test then you at least want to come across as presentable, even if you're a bit of a mess.

Kerry Law jumped out the car and brought with her a box of goodies, some bowls and some kind of hot water contraption (adding that to my Christmas list for sure!). She explained how she practised in both Reiki and Animal Communication and used these to assist in cleaning. Combined with the use of Forever Living Products which are both natural and vet assured.

I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous about how Bodie was going to react as she can be quite an opinionated chestnut. I told Kerry she hadn't eaten dinner yet, so she said 'No, no, you just feed her like normal' at this point Bodie was already weaving at the door! Kerry first of all connected with Bodie and at every stage she ensured that Bodie was comfortable, even down to wearing the gloves. I actually found it really reassuring that at each stage she explained what she was doing, the importance of doing it and why she was doing it that way.

Kerry started off with Bodie's udders, they were quite dirty and she managed to get all of this gunk off (pictured), I didn't even realise that this build up had occurred! The next part was the business end. This was quite dirty, I expect after 29 years it probably does get a bit minging, Kerry carefully cleaned the area and showed me the cloths, you might as well have just rubbed them on the ground, they were coming out black. At every stage she took her time and she was really gentle. I expect that a lot of people could give this a go for themselves and end up in a bit of a pickle with their horses having a bad experience. Kerry explained that with the build up of dirt it was a bit like picking off a scab that wasn't quite ready and could end up making that part quite sore, so she treats the area first to make sure that it is comfortable for the horse.

Bodie stood like a rock the whole way through, she is often a bit of a fidget but she seemed really accepting of Kerry and she was really relaxed. From start to finish the service was professional, kind and personal. Having worked in secondary schools for many years, there aren't many things that surprise me anymore, however, Kerry gave me some snippets of insight into Bodie and some of which I guess have really resonated with me, to the point that I phoned my mum after the treatment.

"Ride the horse you have got"

I spend so much time questioning things, is she ok? is she comfortable? is she happy? does her foot hurt? is her saddle ok? should I have put a different saddle pad on? is the bit ok? is that mud on the girth? am I ok? do I remember how to ride? am I getting too heavy for her? does she still want to be ridden?

So I felt like today was much more than just a clean because actually that is too true, I need to ride the horse I have. There is no point in me second guessing, I just need to get on with it. I love my horse and my horse loves life, so it's time to just roll with the punches. I can not recommend Kerry Law enough, I know that a lot of others on my yard have all said very positive things about her. I am so glad that we had a clean today, but to be honest she is worth every penny (whether you have anything to clean or not) as her insight, knowledge and compassion is second to none.