Merry Christmas - Part 6

Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to - Miracle on 34th Street

After a year of loaning Bodie, the contract was coming to an end. I was in regular contact with Nina, her owner, giving her updates or messaging her for advice. I wasn't sure what the normal protocol for this kind of thing was, do I sign another contract? Would she take Bodie back?

I was getting the hand of this horse ownership thing, I had built a routine, I finally knew what a farrier was for, I was getting the hang of putting the saddle on the right way, I was getting quicker at mucking out and I was starting to understand horsey terminology like 'rein back'.

On the 18th December 2017 I received a Christmas card from Nina and I literally broke down into tears. She wanted me to have Bodie, no more loaning and worrying when it would end. It was a massive decision for both of us and one, that I'm sure wasn't taken lightly. I'm not one for compliments, I am by nature very modest, but even I could appreciate the difference from when I had got Bodie to when the card arrived and the hard work I had put in to build her fitness.

It was another jaw-dropping moment though to be let loose with a horse, I wasn't borrowing anymore, I was owning. I was quite scared of the change, what if I ran out of money? what if something happened to her and I didn't know what to do? what happens when I want to go on holiday (although I've learnt since then, you just don't holiday when you have a horse), what if I couldn't keep up with doing all the hard work?

But I made a promise that day that I would always look after her, if she always looked after me. Bodie wants for nothing in life. My saddle is synthetic, my body protector is a hand me down, I don't know the difference between a pirouette and a piaffe - in fact frankly, I don't understand either of those terms, my whole ethos of horse ownership with Bodie is based on what my gut tells me and so far this seems to be working. Bodie is an old horse, born in 1991, but she is brave, honest and she forgives my mistakes, we aren't a conventional partnership, I am still mocked on the yard when I rock up and ride in my shorts, but it works for both of us.