Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020!

It's been a strange one to say the least. Usually on this day I am knee deep in children's Christmas presents, my parents are tipsy, we are all sat in the family home, too hot because the fire is lit but equally too full to move. My brother is usually upstairs occupying the bathroom, my nieces and nephews are playing with their new toys and everyone else is 'just closing my eyes for a minute'.

But alas, it wasn't to happen this year. We decided, as a family early on in November that we wouldn't get together as we usually do. A vaccine is on the way and the numbers of Covid cases are not going in the right direction. Christmas has always been important for me, I love that the family get together, everyone is a bit giddy, it's noisy, there is Christmas music coming out of the ceiling and we usually play games that involve shouting at each other in a semi-aggressive way at the end of the day. So Christmas at home. On Christmas Eve, Rach from the yard took me out of my comfort zone and took me for a hack around Daventry, through the industrial estate, which I found very exciting.

On Christmas Day I was hoping to go for a hack with friends, but our plans had to change. So I decided with my new found sense of adventure I would hack to my parents house. Me and Bodie used to hack on our own all the time, I'd wake up early, get a ride in before school, canter through the fields and come back in time to whip my jodhpurs off, but since moving to Ashtree I've not been quite so independent (my fault entirely).

Anyway, it was now or never, there was little traffic about, cold but beautiful sunshine and no HGVs (aka air brakes!). So I made Christmas dinner for 11:30am, scoffed it down and then headed up to the yard. It was about 4 and a half miles in total, but trotting up my childhood street on my horse was pretty special. My Mum popped out with handfuls of mints. No sooner had I arrived and turned around in the road, Bodie was ready to head back. By ready, I mean, we were trotting all the way home and there was no point in me telling her otherwise as she just got more and more mad. Some of the looks I got whilst trotting through the Grange were priceless. I am very very lucky, I have a mega horse and although needed a little bit of leg out of the yard (as we were going the wrong way in her eyes) she settled right into it. Mega proud of her and what a lovely memory for 2020.