Jab 2 of 2...soon to be 3 - Corticosteroid

Ah Bodie, another shot of steroids, I am really hoping they will work their magic. I couldn't be there with her at the vet today, as I was at school teaching the future....whilst also checking my phone repeatedly. I am really fortunate that my Mum went to take videos and listen to the horsey-vet words that neither of us understand. I am super grateful that David from DMA Horse Transport took super good care of my mare, loading her, unloading her, speaking to the vet, listening to what the vet said and 'dumbing it down' into non-horse speak so I could digest it later. He is an absolute legend.

Bodie went off to Onley Equine Vets, Mike was busy with an emergency so we had Ashley today. Unfortunately on work up she was still nodding at the front, despite having had both coffin joints injected, although the steroid was successful it's not completely resolved. Ashley suggested it might be that she is now over compensating for the back end and so it is showing up on the front, so we are waiting for 4 weeks for a re-assessment. Then potentially a nerve block and see if there is anyway we can make it better.

Bodie is back to box rest and already showing huge amounts of displeasure for it by weaving, last time she went on hunger strike out of disgust because I made her stay in (for her own good and under vet advice) it took her a week to get over it and she wasn't keen on going in the stable for two weeks! Mares ay?

So that's where we are at, Bodie is to have two days in her stable on box rest (oh my lord) a week off work, then I can very slowly bring her back into work. I had booked Offchurch One Day Event on 3rd October (without telling anyone) as I really wanted to have another bash at it. But there will be other events and other times, it's more important to get her right and do it slowly. I am a bit sad, but I know we will be out jumping in no time and I'll be back to pooping my pants before every fence!

A little Cadbury's Chocolate Button Cake for the legend himself - Mr Annetts! Made by Mrs V aka Mum!