Jab 1 of 2 - Corticosteroid

It's jab day!

I don't know why going to the vets makes me nervous but it always does! The other thing that makes me nervous is seeing DMA Horse Transport rock up around the corner. Today Bodie was seen by Mike Sheldon at Towcester/Onley Equine Vets, who was the one who originally treated Bodie three years ago. He looked back through her notes to see what we have had done previously and then trotted Bodie up on the hard, flexion test and also lunged her on a surface. Unfortunately Bodie was lame in front on the left. I guess deep down I knew she felt a little bit off, maybe the ground, maybe arthritis, who knows? But it's disappointing as I have seen her more sound than that and it was quite prominent on the lunge. So change of plan this morning and we have jabbed both front coffin joints. Bodie was sedated and I think she made full use of the sedation, one of the vet nurses suggested 20 minutes and she'd be back around, well I waited an hour and she was still fast asleep with her head in between her knees!

DMA came later on in the morning to pick us up. Bodie is now on box rest for two days and we can resume light work from Saturday. Mike didn't seem concerned about Bodie being lame at the front end and so this has put my mind at ease. We are booked in on Monday 7th September for her hocks to be injected and to also see the effects of the front end and whether that treatment has worked. I am really hoping it has, but did feel reassured that Mike didn't feel it was an issue. So I'm a bit apprehensive, but hopeful.

We did treat David to a cake for transporting Bodie around afterwards! He takes really good care of Bodie and has been there from the first day that she arrived and no doubt he will be there to the last. This was made by my very talented Mum and is just a whole lot of Biscoff joy.