I can't remember how to jump!

Mini breakdown!

I booked myself into the 'New Year, New Me' showjumping, this one was held at Catesby Equestrian. I got there, got in the warm up arena and I was surrounded by kids and whizzy ponies. I was only doing the 50cm and the 60cm, so naturally it felt like I was on the kids table at a wedding. Bodie had the best time and got faster and faster and faster!

These kids were all warming up, going over the fences, parents were shouting directions at the kids, one kid fell off in front of me. We had 10 minutes to warm up, I did a short walk, short trot and a short canter. I hadn't been over a warm up fence, it would have been fine I'm sure.

It was crazy busy and I was getting more and more nervous. So you know what I did? Instead of getting on with it, I got out the arena, off of Bodie and I went home. I didn't jump a single fence, instead I decided a more practical use of my time was to cry about it for 3 solid hours!

A week later I went back to Catesby with the showjumps up and with the ever helpful Verity, she got me over the fences and I was buzzing for the rest of the day. This is how it's supposed to be, pressure free and fun.