I am a fraud! Part 2

Who gets a horse when they have only been riding 2 years on and off for once a week?

So there was no more Willow Farm Riding School, no more Nutmeg horse share and really heartbreaking there was no more Cody at Onley Grounds. So I trawled the internet for another horse share. Something local, something that just wanted about £15 a week, my budget was tight, I only really wanted to ride at the weekends, I wasn't committed to do any of the hard work. I just wanted something that I could occasionally ride once a week and maybe have lessons on. But it had to be capable of jumping.

“You have got to go and see this one Kate, I think she might be perfect for you”

Vicki messaged me and told me I had to go and see this horse advertised on Facebook, I asked about it and it was for full loan. No can do. Then Clare (instructor from Onley) also messaged me out of the blue and told me that I HAD to go and see this horse. So I thought I'll keep them happy, go and look at it and come home and say it was unsuitable, regardless of whether it was or it wasn't.

The Lion King

In the middle of watching The Lion King live at the Lyceum in London (I can remember it so clearly) on the 27th October 2016, I messaged the lady, Nina and asked whether I could possibly come and view. She told me it was for full loan, not a novice ride, older horse etc. I had no intention of getting a horse. I was becoming quite good at searching for horses, essentially tyre kicking, having a ride and going home again. I still didn't know what a farrier was for, I had no facilities, no time, no concept of which is the tail and the head end of rugs, no money, I was going to fill my Saturday and have a ride and then come home for a curry. Happy days! So we arranged a weekend for me to come over. I was a fraud.

Meeting Bodie

I drove for about an hour to meet Bodie, she was a bit skinny, 16 (ish) hh and Nina had hacked her to the school. I sat on, walked, trotted, cantered and had a jump. Nothing special, I figured I'd have a little go, take some photos so I could prove to Vicki and Clare I had been and that would be that.

I don't really know what happened from the moment I put my foot in the stirrup to the moment I took it out, but it was about to change my life. I had a really strange sense of feeling safe and my gut was screaming 'this is right'. So within moments of getting home I messaged Nina to say, I will have her.