Horsing around

We went to Catesby Equestrian on Saturday (19th December 2020), run by the wonderfully-friendly and supportive, Lesley. We are really lucky to have this on our doorstep. Sometimes they hold arena hire with a full set of showjumps and for £15 an hour plus £5 for every additional horse you can't argue for value. There are also frequent training events held here, it's well worth checking it out if you haven't already been.

We are due to go to Onley for LandS on 27th December, so I thought it's well worth testing the waters and making sure that we were up to it. Worried about Bodie's ageing joints, I decided to call upon DMA Horse Transport to whip us down the road to the arena. David had arranged to collect me 15 minutes before our Catesby time slot (1pm - 2pm). At 12:15pm it was hammering it down with rain, I realised I am frightened of jumping and maybe Bodie was too tired? I wanted to jib! But no sooner had I blinked DMA had arrived!

I'd asked Jess to give me a lesson, I'm not sure Jess and David were the best combination as they ripped the be-jesus out of me! But Bodie had a wonderful time and she was so keen. Probably a little too keen, I had very little control and it all felt a bit rapid. Apparently I was shouting a lot of swears. Huge thank you to Jess for instructing, laughing and taking the time to give us a lesson, DMA for just being great and Lesley for your amazing arena.