Horse & Hound

"It's like taking your Nan round an obstacle course"

Was this really the best description I could give to my brave, honest, talented, reliable mare? Apparently it was. I wrote a long email about Bodie and sent it to Horse & Hound and after the editor took the parts they needed for the article, this is what stuck.

I laugh because I could have written something that was sentimental, touching and emotional. But instead I have described her as a geriatric with no teeth, carrying an inept passenger around showjumps!

Why have I dragged up this article? Is it to show off that Bodie made it to Horse & Hound? Well partly... but it's mainly because that jump that I am going over is exactly the same jump that got me off on Saturday. Please also note that there are red flags on either side, because I had to jump it twice from opposite directions! This photo was taken in December 2019 at Dallas Burston Arena Eventing organised by LandS, just 8 months prior to our ODE on 1st August 2020!

My logic from this is that it can be done!

Photo by Piston Photography @