Happy 6th Birthday DMA Horse Transport

Just wanted to wish DMA Horse Transport (a.k.a. Mr David Annetts) a very happy 6th birthday. Obviously I can't take the credit for the cake as my very talented mum at Mrs V's Cakes and Bakes created it, it is all edible including the DMA branded cake decorations, with thanks to IncrEdible Cake Toppers who were super quick to approve the designs, send over a proof ready to print them!

I have had a lovely morning with my mum cutting, sticking and 'gluing' things on to this cake, which was all done in jest. It was like an episode of Ready, Steady, Cook there was fondant icing going all over the place and my mum's demands were getting sharper and sharper in tone as the timer was counting down. But she makes AMAZING cakes and I love it when she sends photos to me of her latest creations. Although it annoys me when she doesn't have enough to faith in her ability to sell them properly, because she is so talented, but then I annoy her when I say I'm a rubbish rider. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?

David has supported us from day 1 with transport. Whenever I recommend him to to other people I always joke that 'he charges me depending on how irritating I have been and how much counselling he has had to give me'. The reality is, he is much more than just a transport service, I have cried in his lorry, laughed in his lorry, been bursting with pride in his lorry and to the events, vets, training venues (and just going for a hack) he has always been so supportive, kind and given a listening ear when I have needed it most. I have dabbled with the thought of buying my own transport, but the fact is, I wouldn't have a David and he alone, is worth his weight in gold.

I usually have to get in early with booking DMA, particularly if I am trying to book into a popular event e.g. LandS, there is usually a number of people looking to use the service. If I can't book in with him and the yardies are jumping the bigger fences (so would mean them waiting around for us or vice versa depending on how the classes are running). Then I tend to just not go. There are a lot of companies out there setting up with 3.5 tonne lorries for self hire or for hire with a driver, but she is precious cargo and I guess because David knows us so well then he 'gets' Bodie, I'd rather just enter a different event and wait until he has availability.

Here's to (hopefully) many more years of being a DMA customer, like my affiliation to Heinz Baked Beans, there isn't anyone else that I would use.