What an amazing time we both had at LandS Arena Eventing on 27th December! But it now feels like an absolute age away. @16_hands_between_my_thighs - Instagram, messaged me to ask how I was, which I thought was so lovely, it's given me a little push to start writing again.

I took a step back from the yard over the last week and a half, I'd been going up at unsociable hours and effectively trying to avoid everyone there. I hadn't ridden in over a week and I was really burying my head in the sand. Lockdown has forced a different way of working again, stresses and strains often make me become really insular. It's a coping mechanism. Retreat like a hermit crab!

10 years ago I had a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling to treat Endometriosis as best they could. Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women within the UK, it takes roughly 7.5 years to diagnose and costs the UK Economy £8.2bn a year in treatment, loss of work and healthcare costs. Impacts on a person's life with endometriosis can include; chronic pain, fatigue/lack of energy, depression, an inability to conceive, difficulty in fulfilling work and social commitments. There is no definitive cure, but treatments available serve to improve the quality of life for someone living with it. (source: Endometriosis UK). Women's Health is a bit of a taboo subject, but even if one person looks into Endometriosis and gains awareness of it, then this blog post was worth doing.

Amongst plenty of other investigative procedures, laparoscopies and hormone treatments that I have had throughout the years. I was getting to a point where the Endo was (silently) starting to have an impact on my daily life, so I booked to see a specialist and he suggested that surgery would be great starting point. I won't go into the details, this blog was set up to celebrate my incredible mare and not as a sob story. If you would like more information look at the charity 'Endometriosis UK', alternatively there is a great Facebook group called 'Endometriosis Support UK' or feel free to ask me, I am brutally open and honest about it.

I guess it had thrown me off a little and as a result I had tried to hide away from everyone and everything (including my horse). Anyway, I’ve had a firm talk to myself and ended up having a riding lesson yesterday. We jumped. I say jump, I own pencils larger than that jump. But what a lovely way to get us back into the swing of things!