Deep Tissue Massage - Saddle Damage

It was my birthday on Monday, so what a treat for Bodie having a massage by Micro Parrish from Micro Parrish Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage & Equine Sports Massage, she can be found here: Big thank you to Anna for organising.

I was quite apprehensive about the massage, not because of Micro, but because what else was she going to find that was wrong? Bodie has been tailing swishing recently, so I explained the story of the saddle fitter and that she was wearing a narrow bar. Micro massaged Bodie and explained that she was aggy around her withers and started to tail swish when she treated that area. She said that she was tight down her shoulder on the lame leg, she was a bit tight across her back and perhaps the sacroiliac is something that we could inject to ease any discomfort. We spoke about the vet suggesting different shoes and that it could be beneficial for her.

I feel mega guilty that she had to put up with being in pain. But generally Micro was positive, thought she looked well and that keeping up with the activities is probably the best thing for her mentally and also physically, bit of bute, get the new shoes on ASAP and speak to the vet. Bodie had a lovely massage and Micro was really good at explaining everything to me, without making me cry as I'm feeling super sensitive about her at the moment.