Damarkann Handsome Knight

So after realising that the rescue route probably wasn't for me anymore. I decided to invest in a puppy (I say invest because it makes me feel mildly better). Meet 'Damarkann Handsome Knight', the 8 week old, mantle, Great Dane. Still has no name! I wish Biggie-Smalls wasn't sticking, but it's heading that way, I don't even like Notorious BIG!

The dream is that Bodie and him will get on really well and we'll be able to spend those long summer evenings together in her paddock. The reality I feel is going to be very different. My cat (who has previously lived with a pushy dog) has taken a strong dislike to puppy and I have had the skin ripped from my knees when the puppy was within a 5 metre radius. The cat has also been making noises that sound similar to something out of the horror movie, The Grudge.

I can feel my summer dream slowly being flushed down the toilet.