Bumble - The Rescue Dog

Living without a dog, when you are so used to having them under your feet 24/7 is quite a strange concept to get used to. After 8 months since losing Storm, I felt like we were in a better place to start looking.

I had been looking for rescues, I always think that rescuing a dog gives that dog another chance at happiness and they can bring such joy to your life too. I saw an advert for the beautiful Bumble, a 4 year old female Caucasian Shepherd. We had a visit from the rescue (socially distanced of course). I was told about her difficult life and the awful treatment that she had from a previous owner. She was safe now, with someone who only had her best interests at heart and wanted a home to suit those needs.

She needed a kind, caring and supportive home as she had, had a very difficult life. When Bumble came to visit, she was quite sheepish (rightly so) and she didn't know how to 'dog' very well. I have experience in broken dogs and often a loving home can resolve a lot of their issues. After Bumble left, I was asked by the rescue the day after what I thought, I messaged them back to say that Bumble was absolutely beautiful, but I just didn't feel like this would be the right home for her.

Although there are no children running around, it is a busy home, I am regularly at the yard, or out on walks with friends, or visiting my family, there are a lot of dogs living around us and this could possibly cause stress, I love going camping in France (they allow dogs EVERYWHERE) and this is how I envisaged my next dog, a lifelong friend who would come on all sorts of adventures. I could see that Bumble needed a quieter life and I could possibly add more stress to her world. I am sure given time we could have adapted to each others lifestyles, but should a dog that has already had that much trauma be put through that?

Regretfully we couldn't take her on.