So, I got my 'brave pants' ready, this was it, our first canter. It's always a scary time, will she feel lame? Will she still be keen? Will she feel stiff?

I tried to walk around the fields, but she spooked and was clocking every blade of grass moving. Fine. We'll go in the school, she hates the school, I can feel her physically rolling her eyes at me as soon as we open the gate. We walk for ages, I then pushed her up to trot, working on fitness my instructor has taught me that HIIT workouts are actually very good for horses too. In total we trotted around the school 10 times, five times on each rein. My final exercise, a nice lollop around the school to finish off.

So in the top corner I asked for canter... bronk 'what am I even sat on' ok hopefully that's out of her system. So I asked again on the other rein and got a better response. Lollop 1 done, now time to try the other way. I asked again and she BUCKED me, to the point where I was riding her neck. Who is this horse?

I decided to try and lunge her with her saddle on, walk-trot-canter... bronk! Maybe it's the saddle, so I took the saddle off, walk-trot-canter... bronk!

Our first canter since our last event back on 1st August following a slow introduction of work, I imagined the wind blowing in my hair, being united with my horse. But instead, I decided to call it a day then as I didn't want to eat sand.

I did manage to ride the next day and cantered for about 2 seconds on each rein. No clear round showjumping for us at Catesby this weekend. I can't even canter let alone jump!

Since this has happened I have over thought it for about 2 solid nights. So on Tuesday we are going to go back to the vet, she may just be fresh as it was our first canter back, but Bodie isn't really a bucker, I would rather get the A-OK and embrace the energy than push through when something could be hurting her. 29 and bucking!