And We Have Lift Off

It's been 3 long months since our last jump at LandS Offchuch Event, since then we have had 4 visits to the vet, 5 workups, 4 steroid injections, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, a saddle fitter, a nutritionist and only now have we managed to leave the ground.

I was super duper nervous, I guess through all of this time I have had seeds of doubt, doubt of her ability, doubt of my own ability, doubt whether I was doing the right thing by her. I had booked in for a lesson, it was due to be a shared lesson, I was super nervous I figured if it was shared I could put all the emphasis on to them rather than on me. It was a full on day at Ashtree, a course had been put together in the school and like a well oiled machine, horse after horse went in, jumped and came out again. Easy as that. Meanwhile I was shaking in the saddle. Luckily Jess had picked up on this and before I could even say 'can the poles go on the floor please?' she had got me over a practice jump. I say jump in the loosest sense of the term. I've filled my plate up higher at a Pizza Hut buffet.

Bodie felt keen, I have been so worried about her tail swishing, but it all made sense as soon as I kicked her into canter, I just wanted to have a gentle warm up around the outside of the school but cue tail swishing and she was already trying to drag me into one of the jumps (backwards).

Jess "Right, come on, sit back, rev her up and go around the course" - Jess didn't have any doubts, unlike me, I was still wondering whether trotting was safe. Although the jumps were small she was keen and excited and that's really I ever want for her, is for her to love doing what she does. After we had finished and before the others had their lesson, I asked Jess to pop the jumps up a little. She said "50? 60?" Knowing we were last jumping up to 95cm just 4 months ago with Jess, I thought I ought to ask for the higher end. She popped the double up to 60cm. In my head I thought 'is that 60? It looks tiny?' who is this Kate? Although god forbid I say it out loud, Jess would have whacked them all up, made me do the whole course and I would be regretting every moment of it.

All the doubts I had just melted away, she is an old lady, but she lives for jumping and who am I to deny a pensioner of something she loves doing?