A 'bit' long in the tooth

We had a visit from Tom Siddle yesterday, the dentist. I have never seen Bodie without sedation when having the dentist, he did an amazing job, gentle and patient - particularly for a stubborn ginger. I was really impressed. Unfortunately, Bodie needed to lose another tooth, it was already loose and so he just popped it out. With another one soon on it's way out, he decided to leave it there as he didn't want to put pressure on the only remaining long tooth at the front of her mouth. Poor Bodie.

I had another letter from hospital today, determined to not mope around wasting time, I decided I would go and ride. Tacked up, but I could see that Bodie was feeling a bit sore (or she was just being an aggy ginger, eager to get out of the stable). So I took the bridle off and threw a rope halter on her.

Whilst trotting around the school I started to feel liberated, I thought, I can do this. Surely I can go bitless? I could enter bitless dressage, bitless jumping, bitless showing - we have totally got this! I am one with my horse, look at us go! Until Red Rum, the resident mouse-catching-cat rustled in the hedge behind us and I very briefly squealed 'how do you make this thing stop?'

My misplaced confidence has now returned back to it's normal non-existent level.